5 Things To Remember When Planning For Your Wedding Transportation

So you are super-excited about your big day, and you think about the emotional toasts, delicious food, and the overall energetic atmosphere. Out of all those things, your wedding transportation is supposedly the most vital one. People need to get to the venue; you need to be there too, not only on time but also in style. Speaking of the transportation for your wedding, here are some useful tips to help you.

1. Always book in advance

When you are in search of a car company to hire on your wedding day, always consider booking their services like six months ahead of time. Remember to book only when you have made up your mind about the wedding date, the reception, as well as the size of the wedding party. Booking in advance helps you to get the ideal vehicle for your wedding and beat the high demand.

2. Book a ride for the attendants

In most cases, a wedding party will cater for their own travel costs when coming to the wedding. However, this could lead to lateness, and it will only ruin your day further. If you can afford it, consider giving your attendants a ride, but they can find a guest shuttle after the wedding.

3. It doesn’t have to be a limo

Riding in a limousine is classy, but it is also too customary. You can make your wedding a little different by going for a unique ride or the extra luxury cars. As a local transportation rental company said, maybe you opt for a cool party bus, a hayride with horses, or any other sleek vehicle. It is all about getting to your wedding in style and on time.

4. Research about the possible interruptions of the day

In some cases, traffic jam can delay the vehicle fleet, and you’ll end up reaching late to the wedding reception. For that, you need to dig deep and do research around the area of the wedding venue. If there will be a public event that could make the roads inaccessible, think of other routes that can work out easily.

5. Budget for the wait time fees

Every rental company will have specific fees charged for waiting or overtime. You should always make the calculations of the cost for that day, and add an extra fee for tipping the driver. Also, you might go beyond the agreed time, which will need you to pay

Just because you’ve got your wedding dress ready doesn’t mean that you are already set for the special day. Ensure that the transportation, venue, and every other related factor is well planned.

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