5 Unique Options to Make Your Wedding Transportation Standout

When planning your wedding, you will obviously want to make the occasion memorable. One way you can do this is by choosing unique modes of transportation that will add pomp and glamour to your big day.

Traditionally, the main wedding ceremony and reception usually take place in different locations. In this case, you will have to decide how to transport the wedding party from one venue to another. Additionally, you may have weighed your options on how the bride will make a grand entrance or the best way for the newlywed couple to exit in style.

Arriving in a limousine or fleet of bow-tied SUVs are some of the popular wedding transportation options. If you want to make your ceremony a little more interesting, then dare to step out of the norm. With that in mind, here are five unique ways to get around on your special day.

1. Horse Drawn Wagon or Sleigh

If you are into fairy tale inspired weddings, then ride to the ceremony with your bridesmaids in a horse drawn wagon. Even better, make your childhood fantasies come true by hiring a round Cinderella carriage. Look for companies that offer stately ponies and equestrians dressed in full regalia. For outdoor winter weddings, what you will need is a horse drawn sleigh.

2. Classic Antique Cars

When used for wedding transportation, antique cars provide the perfect backdrop for retro themed wedding photos. These classic vehicles have a unique charm about them as well. Their rare, classy designs are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Ridding off into the sunset in a vintage Chevrolet, VW beetle or Roll-Royce with wedding cans ratting behind you will surely turn heads.

3. Tourist Trolley Bus

Add some magical charm to your wedding by hiring an old-fashioned trolley in lieu of a party bus for guest transportation, said Abiding Limousines, leading Houston-based transportation provider. It is not every day you see a stunning vintage trolley driving down the street with wedding guests en route to the reception. If the wedding destination offers picturesque scenery, guests will enjoy looking through the large windows found on most trolleys.

4. Pedicab

A pedicab will lend your wedding that fun unique touch you are looking for to make your special day stand out from the rest. This distinctive wedding transportation method is also good for the environment. Best of all, the bride and groom or other attendees can sit back and relax while a skilled cyclist guides the pedicab to the venue.

5. Helicopter

Hiring a chartered helicopter may be expensive but it is a great way to make a dramatic wedding exit. If you are planning to fly off for the honeymoon right after the reception, a helicopter can get to the airport fast. Therefore, you and your newlywed partner can spend a bit more time at the reception mingling with guests instead of departing early.

With this mode of transportation, make sure to choose a reception venue with ample landing space for the helicopter. It is also prudent to check local air travel laws and any restrictions associated with the charter company of your choice.


Remember, choosing a mode of transportation during your wedding should not just focus on practical ways to get around. Select unique wedding transportation modes to create a beautiful setting for your wedding photos. If the mode of transportation is white in color, it will complement your wedding dress and overall theme. Whatever choice you make, don’t just settle for the ordinary. Opt for one –of-a-kind ways to get around on your big day.

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