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Chateau Cocomar Wedding Venue Houston TXChateau Cocomar in Houston Tx is the perfect location for exceptional banquet halls. As a breathtaking Chateau, Cocomar has astonished and inspired guests for years. Stunning in all white and situated in a picture perfect backdrop, there is nothing ordinary about this event venue. Wedding venues in Houston tx don’t generally include the word Chateau in the title, but this one does. Anything but cheap, this wedding place is one of the most exquisite in the area. There are 5 different rooms in Cocomar that are available for special events no matter what they might be.

Services provided

The word service is synonymous with Chateau Cocomar’s mission statement. They believe in putting customers above all else, and their gorgeous ballrooms, party halls, reception halls and outdoor garden spaces provide an excellent start for couples who wish to experience perfection on their wedding day. In addition to be a one stop shop for everything from quienceanera celebrations to weddings, Chateau Cocomar also offers event planning and an exclusive list of preferred vendors for the convenience of interested parties. Even if you prefer a small chapel wedding you will be amazed at how enticing and intriguing Chateau Cocomar is. Houston wedding venues can be amazing if you know where to look. Although Chateau Cocomar is exquisite it is the opposite of inexpensive and may not be the right choice for everyone.

Special features of the vendor

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Obviously the location, stunning chandeliers, and breath-taking spiral staircase are enough for Chateau Cocomar to be seen as ‘special’, but there are also some exclusive pricing packages that make the estate unique. The Chateau has some of the best reviews of any other Houston wedding venue, not a surprising fact considering their dedication to customers and expensive rates.

Address: 14525 Champions Dr, TX 77069
Phone:(713) 538-9400

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