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Marbella-Banquet-Hall-Houston-txDescribing themselves as the perfect place for your wedding ceremony or event venue, Marbella Banquet Hall in Houston Tx offers both banquet halls and cheap ceremony locations for brides and grooms. Although their business is classified as a banquet hall and wedding place it stands above the rest as a gorgeous Spanish style venue capable of holding several hundred people. The colonial tower that is located on the premises makes the most breathtaking backdrop for photographs or for a wedding ceremony. Their truly is no limit to what is capable at this cheap wedding venue in Houston tx.

Services provided

Are you in need of event planning, or for a small yet intimate Houston wedding venue? If so then Marbella Banquet Hall in Houston tx could possibly be the best location for your event. There are two separate inexpensive ballrooms or reception halls to choose from. One is located in a single story building with a romantic atmosphere and the other is located in a two-storey building with gorgeous views and an elegant staircase. If you are in need of cuisine for a quienceanera celebration or wedding Marbella can offer you this service as well. Party halls and garden ceremonies are also available upon request. If you would like an outdoor or chapel style wedding you may have to check out what Marbella offers in person. Inexpensive yet beautiful, Marbella Banquent Halls are the perfect choice for a quaint Texas event.

Special features of the vendor

The location, unique architecture, and amazing pricing options make Marbella Banquet Hall one of the best wedding venues in Houston tx. Affordable, gorgeous, and convenient there is only one Marbella banquet hall and it is found right in the heart of Texas. Reviews for the business follow in line with what it offers and interested parties will find that their needs are met with amazing customer service and quick response times.

Address: 6632 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX 77011
Phone:(713) 926-7265

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