5 Essential Tips for Capturing an Excellent Wedding Photos

A photography captures the memorable moments of your life that can be cherished forever. Obviously, your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Aren’t you excited to capture perfect wedding photography that will be your ultimate timeless treasure? For you reference, this article will reveal five essential tips for capturing an excellent wedding photography.

Five Essential Tips to Consider:
1. Select the Style of Photography & Cinematography

Traditional Photography, Photojournalism or Candid Photography, Cinematic Style, and Documentary style are just a few options to consider from. Select the style that suits you the most.

  • Traditional: The traditional style of wedding photography will instruct the couple how to stand or move around in specific traditional poses. The surrounding, backgrounds, angles, and lights are properly staged to obtain a perfect shot.
  • Candid: This photography style is pretty unobtrusive. And, it’s one of the most popular wedding photography styles to consider. Here, the photographer blends among the crowd and captures candid moments as they naturally occur. Plus, it gives the photographers the scope of adding their own creativity as they can experiment with different photo editing techniques and exotic backdrops.
  • Documentary Style: Here, the moments of your wedding event are captured as they happen. It does not involve much editing. It may come as quite lengthy and monotonous.
  • Cinematic Style: This photography style uses loads of special effects, lighting techniques, camera angles, fancy equipment, and dramatic sound effects to make it upbeat and lively.
2. Set Up A Meeting With Your Photographer

Once you have selected your preferred photography style, set up meetings with potential candidates and shortlist an experienced photographer.

3. Ask for References

Ask your selected photographer to showcase their portfolios. This will help you make a right and convenient decision. You may even ask for references so that you get honest reviews about your photographer and his work.

4. Discuss the Shoot

Since you have selected a photographer, you should now discuss what kind of shoot you want to have. A pre-wedding photo shoot or capturing your engagement photography will be the best way to test your photographer and his work. Come up with various ideas and create a unique wedding album. Also, take your time to explore the available options and never hold back.

5. The Final Delivery

Check with your photographers if they will provide only digital copies. You may even request them for mobile friendly videos and images so that you can easily share them with family and friends.

The Bottom Line:

Make sure to follow the mentioned five tips to capture a perfect wedding photography.

About the Author: Pixel Studio Productions is the leading photography and videography studio in Houston, TX. They have been featured in the leading bridal journals top10weddingvendors.com and houstonweddingphotographer.net as one of the top local wedding photographer and videographer. To learn more about Pixel Studio Productions, visit their official website pixelstudioproductions.com.

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5 Unique Options to Make Your Wedding Transportation Standout

When planning your wedding, you will obviously want to make the occasion memorable. One way you can do this is by choosing unique modes of transportation that will add pomp and glamour to your big day.

Traditionally, the main wedding ceremony and reception usually take place in different locations. In this case, you will have to decide how to transport the wedding party from one venue to another. Additionally, you may have weighed your options on how the bride will make a grand entrance or the best way for the newlywed couple to exit in style.

Arriving in a limousine or fleet of bow-tied SUVs are some of the popular wedding transportation options. If you want to make your ceremony a little more interesting, then dare to step out of the norm. With that in mind, here are five unique ways to get around on your special day.

1. Horse Drawn Wagon or Sleigh

If you are into fairy tale inspired weddings, then ride to the ceremony with your bridesmaids in a horse drawn wagon. Even better, make your childhood fantasies come true by hiring a round Cinderella carriage. Look for companies that offer stately ponies and equestrians dressed in full regalia. For outdoor winter weddings, what you will need is a horse drawn sleigh.

2. Classic Antique Cars

When used for wedding transportation, antique cars provide the perfect backdrop for retro themed wedding photos. These classic vehicles have a unique charm about them as well. Their rare, classy designs are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Ridding off into the sunset in a vintage Chevrolet, VW beetle or Roll-Royce with wedding cans ratting behind you will surely turn heads.

3. Tourist Trolley Bus

Add some magical charm to your wedding by hiring an old-fashioned trolley in lieu of a party bus for guest transportation, said Abiding Limousines, leading Houston-based transportation provider. It is not every day you see a stunning vintage trolley driving down the street with wedding guests en route to the reception. If the wedding destination offers picturesque scenery, guests will enjoy looking through the large windows found on most trolleys.

4. Pedicab

A pedicab will lend your wedding that fun unique touch you are looking for to make your special day stand out from the rest. This distinctive wedding transportation method is also good for the environment. Best of all, the bride and groom or other attendees can sit back and relax while a skilled cyclist guides the pedicab to the venue.

5. Helicopter

Hiring a chartered helicopter may be expensive but it is a great way to make a dramatic wedding exit. If you are planning to fly off for the honeymoon right after the reception, a helicopter can get to the airport fast. Therefore, you and your newlywed partner can spend a bit more time at the reception mingling with guests instead of departing early.

With this mode of transportation, make sure to choose a reception venue with ample landing space for the helicopter. It is also prudent to check local air travel laws and any restrictions associated with the charter company of your choice.


Remember, choosing a mode of transportation during your wedding should not just focus on practical ways to get around. Select unique wedding transportation modes to create a beautiful setting for your wedding photos. If the mode of transportation is white in color, it will complement your wedding dress and overall theme. Whatever choice you make, don’t just settle for the ordinary. Opt for one –of-a-kind ways to get around on your big day.

About the Author: Abiding Limousines is a reputable Houston-based transportation company. They provide various transportation services such as: limousine service, party bus rental, airport transportation and more. To learn more about them, visit their official website at abidinglimo.com.

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Three Top Creative Catering Companies in Houston TX

Houston’s Creative Catering Companies for Your Wedding

If not planned correctly, the catering for your wedding can be very expensive. Here is a list of our top 3 Houston creative catering companies.

logo Astral catering Houston TXAstral Catering

For personal and elegant Houston creative catering services, Astral Catering is a great option to consider. Their menus showcase their catering abilities with their award winning recipes.

They have event planners that can provide you with useful advice on both the décor and theme of your wedding. Working closely with clients, Astral Catering ensures that your wedding will be the topic of conversation for weeks to come.

* * *

Culinaire Catering

Culinaire Catering
Founded in 2000, Culinaire Catering among the oldest of Houston’s catering companies. They are dedicated to creating great memories by creating great meals.

The caterers at Culinaire look forward to meeting with the bride and groom to gain a better idea of the emotional meaning, time of day, format, etc. to creatively personalize the event perfectly to your needs.


* * *


Caterers at Melange have earned an excellent reputation just by listening to what their clients want, and meeting their needs in order to create a memorable gathering or event. Their creative and knowledgeable staff have worked on both small and large corporate events, birthdays, charities and wedding. They will ensure all your event’s details will be given equal consideration without ignoring the creative preparation and serving of their menu.

There are many companies in the hospitality and catering industry that provide a high command of logistics, but a lot of these companies don’t compromise and still provide the same extent of creativity.

Before you choose the right Houston creative catering company that is right for your wedding, make sure you do further research so you pick a company that can provide a unique even that is talked about for weeks to come.

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About the Author: Astral Catering is a leading caterer that serves Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. They have been featured in Top10WeddingVendors bridal directory as the best wedding caterer in the city. Astral offers catering services for all kind of events including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more. To learn more about their company, visit them at astralcatering.com.

Astral Catering
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How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer in Houston TX

wedding photographyWhether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other event, every one of these memories should be preserved. Weddings are exceptionally special because this is a once in a lifetime event. The wedding photography profession requires passion, unique style, and the communication of skills to exchange ideas with clients.

This is why it’s difficult to find the best photographer for your wedding. When looking for a professional Houston wedding photographer, you could begin by asking your friends and families for recommendations based on past experiences.

Ensure you ask to see a photographer’s portfolio to view his or her best works. Make sure that their photography style and quality fits with your taste and needs. Ask the photographer how he or she prepares in the case that the there is an equipment failure. Find out if the photographer’s

Don’t overlook the photographer’s personality. The photography will be at your wedding all day to capture your cherished memories. A photographer can be skilled, but if their personality is irritating, it can ruin what is meant to be your special day. In Houston, there are many photographers available. Make sure you choose your photographer wisely, because you will be entrusting them with perfectly capturing your special memory.

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Some Helpful Wedding Planning Tips

wedding planingSince your wedding is a very special part of or you and your partner’s life together, it’s vital that things go according to plan. Knowing exactly how to plan your wedding is important to the overall outcome. Keep the following tips handy when planning your wedding to make it a more enjoyable, amazing wedding with many cherished memories.

A very important tip when planning a wedding is to have expectations that are realistic for the wedding. Often, a couple starts to plan a lavish wedding and later discover that they aren’t able to see these plans through.

To get the best result, take enough time to ensure your plans fit within your time frame and budget, said lead wedding planner at top10weddingvendors.com. Another great tip is to give all your guests directions to the location of the ceremony as well as the reception. Although you may have put the address on your invitations, having additional directions helps guests who don’t know the area as well.

This is such an easy step but can assist you greatly by avoiding any confusion or frustration when traveling from the ceremony to the reception venues. Lastly, and probably most importantly, remember that this is your special day.

Friends and family will always try to give you their input as to the things you should be doing for your wedding, but the decision is ultimately yours. Don’t settle to keep them satisfied, and tailor your wedding based on what you want. When you plan a wedding that’s unique to you, you’ll notice that everyone has a great time.

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Where to Order Wedding Cakes in Houston TX

Wedding cakes in Houston are very popular. These cakes are fabulous and are made by professionals bakeries who specialize in making wedding cakes, and offer a variety of cake designs whether the design simple or more complex. Selecting the perfect wedding cake doesn’t just depend on the budget, design, and preferences; it should be made by one of the best pastry chefs in Houston, Texas.

Here are the top 3pastry shops to order your wedding cake

1. Three Brothers Bakery – A beautiful shop, located in three convenient locations throughout the Houston. They offer many wonderful and delicious cakes. Their customer service is exceptional and they do everything to address your concerns. The cakes are beautiful and their prices are reasonable. You can book an appointment on Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, or you can visit the shop anytime Tuesday to Friday between 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12 mn.

2. The Cake Guys – One of the top  custom wedding cakes in the US, The Cake Guys, is run by two talented and experienced pastry chefs. They have a lot of awards and recognition, as they offer gorgeous designs and some of the most delicious cakes but that suits any budget. Since they understand that your wedding cake is an important aspect of your wedding, they offer free delivery, using a specially designed truck that is both refrigerated and insulated. Edward and Chad meticulously design each and every cake.

3. Elena’s Cakes –  you can find exciting and wedding cakes Dallas in a wide variety and customized flavors. They will help you to determine the size of the cake, decorations and design if you are still undecided with your cake. Since their kitchen is fully licensed by the State of Texas, you will be assured that the cakes are clean and fresh. All of their cakes are custom designed; they require a minimum order of at least $100.00.

There are many other cake shops in Dallas, and with a little research you can find more, said wedding cake category editor at top10weddingvendors.com. Family and friends may refer a cake shop that they’ve dealt with. You can find a lot of reviews online on the services that cake shops provide. If you’re using a wedding catering, he or she can help you with finding the best deal for you wedding cake.

How to Manage a Financial Stress Free Wedding Event

wedding tipsWedding planning can be very stressful because you need to speak with different providers of services to organize one single event. You don’t want to be stressed on your wedding day, so you must find ways of coping with it. If you’re looking for a single organizer to play your wedding, you need to find one who will cover all the details.

Usually, Houston wedding venues provide this type of package so you will need to do some research. Wedding packages have become a popular choice because they are effective and helpful for couples who are planning their wedding. This trend is due to the innovative minds of wedding venues in Houston.

It’s a smart idea to learn about these types of packages because they can help cut down unnecessary expenses and avoid adding things you don’t need to your shopping list or credit card bill. Picture yourself looking for bakers, videographers, photographers, designers, florists and many other services all at once. It’s a time consuming hassle that you don’t need. Choosing a package will avoid this altogether.

If your wedding is going to be large, you can choose to use at banquet halls in Houston. These halls are beautiful because they provide you with large windows that show off the beauty of the outdoors. The windows also provide you with dramatic lighting that brings class to your wedding.You should also ask the organizer of the all in one package if it also includes options of discount wedding dresses. There are some providers that already have pre-couture dresses for the bride. In this way, the bride no longer needs to shell out extra bucks for a fancy dress that will only be worn once.

Find out from your organizer if your package also includes engagement rings an option for a discount wedding dress. Some providers have pre-couture dresses already available for the bride. This way, she doesn’t have to shell out more money for a dress that will be worn only once.

Sometimes wedding rings are included in the package as well. This will provide the couple with options on jewelry that fits within their tastes and budget. It is an amazing feeling to confidently walk down the aisle knowing that you won’t need to settle any financial liabilities afterwards. When you’re able to manage these expenses accordingly, you can enjoy a relaxing honeymoon without having to worry about a thing.

About the Author: This article was written by Theresa Gibson, savvy wedding blogger and social media manager at Top10WeddingVendors.com, a leading go-to vendor guide for brides across North America. To connect with Theresa, follow her on Facebook.