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About the business

Sweetwater Country ClubThe words ‘Country Club’ have been used to describe a location where only the rich were allowed to go. However, many brides and grooms would be surprised at how cheap some country clubs can be to rent! For instance, the Sweetwater Country Club in Houston Tx is one of many that represents a more affordable way to plan a wedding. From banquet halls to a host of full bar services, Sweetwater offers more than just a wedding place. Known for quite some time to be the perfect event venue for corporate events and weddings, Sweetwater has made quite a name for itself. Wedding venues in Houston tx come in all shapes and sizes and this country club certainly has its own unique flair.

Services provided

Far from leaving their clients to their own devices, the Sweetwater Country Club in Houston tx takes every precaution to make sure you have everything you need for your special day. Their ballrooms, party halls, and reception halls are all available for everything from quienceanera celebrations or corporate events. Cocktail parties and anniversary celebrations are also a regular occurrence at Sweetwater. As one of many Houston Wedding venues they and their staff do their upmost to stand out from the crowd, and are successful in doing so. Outdoor garden ceremonies are a customer favorite along with their small intimate venue spaces. Inexpensive chapel weddings might be enticing, but who wouldn’t want an exclusive Country Club wedding?

Special features of the vendor

As with most Country Club weddings one special feature that stands out is their attention to detail and full event planning staff. However, their amazing reviews and affordable pricing options provide young couples with more options than they might have thought. Offering the best service in Houston, The Sweetwater Country Club in Houston tx is a top wedding venue supplier.

4400 Palm Royale Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479

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