Delicious Crawfish Catering At Your Wedding Venue

It’s time to get down to business and get a perfect caterer to give you an amazing wedding celebration. The caterer you hire will do more than just prepare your wedding menu.

They’ll coordinate the reception of your wedding and the dinner flow. In addition to that, your caterer will stock the bar, provide tableware rentals and might be responsible for baking your wedding cake.

It is nice to begin your search for a caterer much earlier, because the best ones are usually booked in advance. In Houston TX, you can begin your search by following a few routine steps.

  • Asking your recently married friends for some recommendations 
  • Ask your wedding venue to give you some referrals
  • If you have a favorite restaurant, ask them if they can offer you catering services that cover both your reception and wedding venue
  • You can ask your photographer and planners if they have a list of reputable caterers

After narrowing down on the list of potential candidates, ask them these questions:

If you’re considering having seafood served on your wedding, Crawfish catering for wedding will be the best choice. Your caterers will use fresh seafood gotten straight from docks to prepare meals for weddings, parties and other events. This is a speciality of the Houston TX region and will be a great experience for your guests. 

Do they have license? If they do, it means they have met the standards of the local health department and they have liability insurance. Also, if you’re going to be serving alcoholic drinks at your wedding, ensure they have liquor license.

Do they have liquor liability insurance? Any caterer serving alcoholic drinks needs to have this insurance. If after your wedding celebration, a guest injures him/herself, damage a property or injure someone else, you might be held responsible. If your caterer has liquor liability insurance, this will minimize the amount you’ll be required to pay.

Have previous clients given them references? By having references, you’ll be able to find out more about the caterer than by just speaking to them. You’ll know how it’s like working with them. Ensure they provide at least two references.

Are they working on any other event on that same day or weekend? Some caterers will have two or more events stacked up on the same weekend they promise to be available for your wedding. Make sure that the caterer will give maximum attention to your wedding.

Do they specialize in a particular food? Ask them if they specialize in foods such as organic, ethnic, gluten-free, organic or Cajun food, and if you have any food in mind, pick a caterer that specializes in it.

Is the meal full service? This means the caterer will handle food preparation, table settings, bar services and general cleanup. 

These tips will help you make exquisite cuisine be an integral signature point of your wedding celebration.

About the Author: BB’s Cafe is a Houston authentic cajun restaurant and New Orleans-themed café with a unique Texas twist. Featuring selections inspired by Cajun food, their cuisine is what they like to call Tex-Orleans. To learn about BB’s Cafe, visit their official website at